• Market Reports

    Market structure, competitor analysis, pricing, regulations, end user and distributor lists.

  • Market Entry Strategies

    Market channel options, potential partners, promotional methods.

  • Market Strategies

    SWOT and competitor analysis, market segmentation, pricing and promotional strategy, action plans.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Key players, their market share, marketing position, strengths and weaknesses and promotional methods.

  • Customised Research 

    As much or as little as you need.  Biz Research can fill in the gaps when you don't have the time.



Juliet Hawkeswood has 25 years experience working in a wide range of business roles including B2B market research and report writing, front line sales, business development and situation analysis.

Prior to starting Biz Research in 2010, Juliet worked as a business advisor in the Business Growth Team at WHK Auckland. Before that she worked as a self employed export and business development consultant and sales agent in the fruit processing industry.  While self-employed Juliet also undertook market research and report writing on behalf of Pacific Island exporters.

Earlier in her career, she worked for NZ Trade and Enterprise assisting NZ exporters to develop market research briefs as well as undertaking market research on their behalf in overseas markets.  

Contact Juliet on 021 444 731 or Jo-Anne on 021 062 4662 



Jo-Anne Hazel is a researcher with 10 years experience working with central and local government, business, and the not-for-profit sector.  As a consultant,  she has led projects for clients, working with them from the initial stages to determine project scope and best methodologies, through to project completion.  Jo specialises in bringing together information from various sources and analysing it in order to answer questions and provide advice.  She has a strong background in social research and has drawn on this to subsequently develop her commercial market research and strategy skills. 


client feedback

"I would definitely recommend Biz Research to anyone looking for some professional assistance to get you on the right track to achieving your goals."

Kirsten Unger, Managing Director, Bakeworks Ltd


what we do 

Biz Research Ltd is a B2B  qualitative research service that specialises in analysing opportunities and providing clients with clearer insights into the "nuts and bolt's" of a market.  Contact us now on  021 444 731.  Or email


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who we are

Juliet Hawkeswood set up Biz Research in 2010, and has 25 years experience in helping small to medium size businesses develop new market oportunities.

Jo-Anne Hazel is an experienced researcher who has completed a wide range of projects in the goverment, private and  not for profit sectors. 

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